DUI Charges Against Out-of-State Residents

If you are a resident of another state but have been charged with a DUI in Michigan, you need the legal assistance of a professional OWI attorney from Boulahanis & Associates. Even if you have since returned to your home state, it does not mean your charges have been dropped.

In fact, if you completely ignore your DUI or OWI charge, our state will issue a bench warrant for your arrest. This warrant goes into our Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) and any public safety officer in the nation will have access to the same information. If you are pulled over in your home state, your bench warrant will show up.

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Three Decades of Practicing Law

Boulahanis & Associates has over 30 years of experience practicing law and focuses on being responsive and present for each and every client. Other firms can treat their clients like a case number, but our firm has dedicated years to the practice of giving individualized attention to those who choose to hire us.

Every client of ours is given their attorney's cell phone number so they feel connected at all times. We understand that your DUI charge will constantly be on your mind and it will also be our top priority.

Helping You Fight Against DUI Charges

It is especially important to use a lawyer in our state as opposed to the state where you live. DUI penalties and laws sometimes differ from state to state and you want an attorney representing you who is familiar with our regulations.

If you live in a state that, like ours, shares a border with Canada, it is especially important that you take care of your OWI charge as soon as possible.  If you need to travel to Canada, you may be denied entry if you are found to have a felony or even misdemeanor conviction on your record.

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