Sound Legal Counsel After Refusing a Breath Test

The implied consent law in Michigan states that if an individual is arrested for probable cause of driving under the influence, they give full consent to take a breath test. If you have recently been pulled over and refused to take the test, it is important to understand your options and rights in the matter.

An attorney well-versed in DUI law can provide you with the intimate knowledge and resources needed to do so. At Boulahanis & Associates, we are not only dedicated to initially getting you started with your breath test refusal case, but we can help you fight for an end result that is in your best interests.

What to Expect After Refusing a Breath Test

If you refuse to take a breath test, the arresting officer has reason to suspend your driver's license. You will then have 14 days to challenge your license suspension and request a court hearing in order to appeal it. If the suspension is accepted by the court, it means that your license will be taken away for one year, or two years if this is your second refusal within a span of seven years

By refusing to take the breath test, you may also be responsible for paying a fine to the state of Michigan. If you are currently facing this legal process, our attorneys can help.

Dedicated to You and Your Case

With more than 30 years of legal experience defending the cases of our clients, we are dedicated to getting you started in the right direction. Our law firm stresses the importance of speaking with a qualified DUI attorney as quickly as possible. This way, you have enough time to properly challenge your license suspension and make sure that your rights stay protected during the process.

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