While the public in Allen Park, Michigan refers to drunk driving cases as DUIs, these cases are officially known as OWIs or Operating While Intoxicated in the Michigan courts and legal community. In this article, we will refer to OWIs by their common term DUI.

What Can I Expect to Happen with an Allen Park DUI Charge?

Michigan may be a single state in the Union, but each town has a different local character, not just in terms of the courts but the local system of government including the mayor, the city council, the police department, the district attorney's office, and numerous other city employees. Knowing something about a town's history and founding can help provide some insight.

Compared to other towns like Canton, Allen Park was founded more recently in 1927 and didn't incorporate until 1957. In the early days they had an all-volunteer fire department that pledged to fight the frequent grass fires that periodically rampage through the downriver region. It wasn't until their second fire captain took over that the annual budget increased to $1,000 from $500. The men got paid $1 a year so they could collect workman's comp insurance in the event of an injury.

Today, Allen Park is the home practice field for the Detroit Lions. Ford Motor Company has a large presence there, and you can still find the Giant Uniroyal Tire. A downriver city, it is known for its pleasant tree-lined streets and quaint small-town character that once earned it one of the best places to live in America. And with ongoing technology upgrades, the fire department no longer relies on volunteers and is fully funded.

Crime overall is low by Michigan standards, but Allen Park's 26,940 citizens still receives a fair amount of DUI cases in Wayne County. If you were stopped and charged with your first offense, second or third offense for drunk driving, act immediately by contacting our firm. Boulahanis & Associates is committed to answering your questions about DUI, Drunk Driving, and Driver's License Restoration law issues in Michigan. We offer a Free Initial Consultation, and we'll gladly discuss your case with you at your convenience.

Arrested & Charged with DUI in Allen Park, Michigan

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Allen Park, the state prosecution will do her utmost to obtain a conviction, which can severely impact your career prospects, your driving privileges, your personal finances, and perhaps most importantly -- your freedom. The stigma of a DUI conviction can also have lasting consequences for your personal and professional life, such as insurance hikes, employment obstacles, permit revocation and travel limitations. Mr. Boulahanis, however, will be happy to investigate your case to determine the best legal defense and outcome.

A ticket or summons charging you with DUI will be heard in at the 24th District Court, 6515 Roosevelt Ave, Allen Park, MI 48101. The ultimate location may depend on the charges, but it's best to consult with your attorney about the actual location and whether you need to appear and at what time. The telephone number for the court is 313-928-0535. The defense of DUI offenses is much more complex than a routine traffic violation and the law can be extremely unforgiving. A knowledgeable, seasoned attorney, intimately familiar with the Michigan Vehicle Code and the Allen Park court procedures will achieve a better outcome for you.

DUI Attorneys in Allen Park, Michigan

Allen Park DUI Attorney Gregory J. Boulahanis

Although you may feel overwhelmed by the situation you are in, Boulahanis and Associates can help you achieve a favorable result. We have the experience and specialized training that is specifically designed to allow you to succeed in defending your Allen Park DUI charges. Mr. Boulahanis holds several certifications in crucial areas, like Standard Field Sobriety Testing and the Alcotest, and he has more than 30 years of experience in DUI and criminal defense. Our firm even owns an Alcotest machine to help prepare for the defense of our clients. We review the circumstances of your case from all angles, examining every facet to identify any problems or weaknesses in the state's case. Our attorneys have dedicated many years to perfecting their skills in defending against Michigan DUI charges.

The filing of a DUI charge is merely the start of litigation but does not mean that you are guilty of violating MCL 257.625. If you move forward with us, Mr. Boulahanis will launch an aggressive challenge on your behalf and achieve the best possible outcome, which may mean a complete dismissal. If you would like to learn more about how to win your Allen Park DUI case, call Greg Boulahanis at (313) 282-7007 for a free consultation.

From your initial consultation to the conclusion of your case, the way your DUI lawyer handles your legal situation can have a lifelong impact. Boulahanis & Associates is committed to answering your questions about DUI, Drunk Driving, and Driver's License Restoration law issues in Michigan. We offer a Free Initial Consultation, and we'll gladly discuss your case with you at your convenience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.