The Difference An AV-Rated Attorney Can Make

Posted by Gregory BoulahanisNov 20, 20230 Comments

A lot of people want the best of everything, and those people choose AV-Rated Lawyers. I've been incredibly fortunate to have a Client base that appreciates my work. Over the years, I have heard time and again that my Clients feel comfortable with me, that they find me easy to talk to, and that ...

What You Need To Know About Plea Deals & Penalties

Posted by Gregory BoulahanisSep 25, 20230 Comments

The majority of OWI Cases are settled by Plea Negotiation. Legislators have made convicting people for this crime easy. OWI Cases only go to Trial less than 5% of the time. OWI Cases are politically sensitive, and the Judges are acutely aware of this. The Prosecutor will generally offer a Plea a...

Dealing with OWI Charges

Posted by Gregory BoulahanisSep 01, 20230 Comments

Wayne County DUI attorney Gregory Boulahanis describes the various steps he takes beginning with submitting a request to the Court to get important discovery information with a three-page FOIA Request that includes the police report and videos, such as the in-car dashboard camera video and body camera footage.

What To Expect: From OWI Investigation to Arrest

Posted by Gregory BoulahanisAug 10, 20230 Comments

Police Officers look for several clues when investigating someone for drunk driving, or OWI. Common visual cues include bloodshot eyes, the presence of alcohol containers in the vehicle, failure of the individual to produce documents such as their license, proof of insurance, and registration, or...