Challenging Breathalyzer Test Results

If you have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, you need an attorney experienced in DUI cases for legal assistance. Our skilled attorneys at Boulahanis & Associates will be able to outline all your legal options and help you find which one is best for you.

Even though it may feel like you have little or no legal recourse after a DUI arrest, remember that you still have the right to an attorney. In Michigan, you may not drive a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher. 

If you took a breathalyzer test or a blood alcohol test after being pulled over and you registered over the legal limit, you should still speak to an attorney.

Breath and blood tests are not infallible and it is possible that they could be successfully challenged in court.

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No Breath or Blood Test is Flawless

Even though breath and blood tests are usually accurate, they are not immune to mechanical or human error. Breath test machines need to be maintained and calibrated correctly in order to give accurate readings. Even with machines that are functional, their readings can have various degrees of inaccuracy when compared to actual blood alcohol concentration.

Your blood test also needs to have been administered by a trained individual and the sample must not have been corrupted or mishandled in any way. Any use of contaminated instruments can yield unreliable results. Contact our firm at 313-277-2550 as soon as possible to fight your DUI charge.