Reinstating Your Driver's License

If you have lost your driving privileges in Michigan due to alcohol/drug offenses, it will be necessary to schedule a hearing for reinstatement through the Secretary of State's unique administrative law process.

In general, reinstatement hearings can only be scheduled after the following periods of time:

  • Two alcohol convictions in a seven-year period allow for a reinstatement hearing on the one-year anniversary of your license revocation.
  • Three alcohol convictions in a 10-year period allow for a reinstatement hearing on the five-year anniversary of your license revocation.

Attorney Gregory J. Boulahanis of Boulahanis & Associates has appeared before the Michigan Secretary of State's "Driver Assessment and Appeal Division" (DAAD) for more than 25 years.

Do not make the mistake of hiring an attorney who has limited experience in driver's license restoration and representations!

Three Keys to Success at Your Hearing

  1. Preparation
  2. Review of testimonial letters
  3. Preparing of client (review questions to be asked at hearing)

Do not hire the attorney who did your divorce, prepared your will or reviewed a real estate transaction for you. Only hire an attorney who practices solely in the area of drunk driving/license restoration.

Many attorneys will say, "Sure, I can represent you in your driver license matter…" even though they are unfamiliar with the process. Often times, the resultant hearing is a disaster and, sadly, the client has expended precious dollars and is no closer to having their driving privileges reinstated. In the worst instances, an attorney that does not specialize in driver reinstatement hearings can cause the hearing to go so poorly that the client's subsequent hearings become problematic.

Remember: If your hearing results in a denial, you cannot reapply until the one-year anniversary of your denial. Therefore, it is critical that your representation is specialized and experienced from the beginning.

Highly Experienced in DUI Law

Drawing upon his vast experience in license restoration representation, Attorney Greg Boulahanis will ensure the following:

  • Familiarity with the hearing officer who will be considering your petition for reinstatement – Attorney Boulahanis has direct experience appearing before each and every hearing officer employed by the Secretary of State. Like all judges, and the hearing officers are judges, each one has their own individualized ways of conducting hearings and reviewing evidence. Attorney Boulahanis knows that each hearing officer is looking for and knows how to conduct the hearing in a way that is designed to bring a successful result.
  • That your Secretary of State-required Substance Abuse Evaluation (SAE) has been completed in a manner which is favorably received by the Secretary of State hearing officer – Nothing is more discouraging than meeting a client who has submitted a SAE that does not accurately reflect their strengths despite having done many positive things since their last driving violation. Attorney Boulahanis will refer you to an evaluator in your area who will provide an evaluation which highlights your strengths.
  • That both of you are prepared for the Secretary of State hearing – All too often, clients will say that, despite having hired an attorney, their direct testimony was in conflict with their SAE. This is an inexcusable occurrence which can only be attributed to a lack of proper preparation. Attorney Boulahanis will meet with you and your witnesses to discuss upcoming testimony, thus ensuring that you present a truthful and consistent presentation.
  • That all of your supporting documentation (i.e., letters of support, 12 step attendance sheets, etc.) are organized in a presentable fashion that highlights your achievements – Every month, we hear from clients who had an unsuccessful hearing because their supporting documentation was weak, or even worse, was in conflict with the testimony given during the hearing. Again, this is an inexcusable occurrence that can only be attributed to a lack of proper preparation. Mr. Boulahanis will provide you with critical sample documentation that will assist you in preparing for your hearing. Of course, not a single piece of documentation will ever be presented to the Hearing Officer without it having first been thoroughly reviewed by Mr. Boulahanis.
  • Ideally, all revoked drivers should begin preparing for their driver's license appeal hearing immediately upon revocation of their driving privileges – It is never too early to begin such preparations, but it can oftentimes be too late. As a practical matter, the Secretary of State's driver assessment and appeal division will schedule your hearing approximately 75 days after receipt of your request for a hearing. If you begin working with an experienced attorney this 75-day period will provide more than ample time to properly prepare for your hearing.

No-Obligation Case Reviews

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