Arrested for a DUI? Call Boulahanis & Associates!

Being arrested for DUI can be a frightening ordeal, especially if you have never had any experience with the criminal justice system. You may be facing penalties that include probation, the loss of your license or even jail time.

Contacting a DUI attorney for legal representation in your case will improve your chances of a not guilty verdict and the avoidance of criminal punishment.

Boulahanis & Associates provides professional, aggressive representation to those charged with DUI offenses in Dearborn and Wayne County. Our firm has a reputation for winning cases on behalf of our clients. This is due in part to our willingness to utilize all of our available resources and employ an extremely aggressive legal approach in each case.

Our legal team is ready to fight for a resolution that will seek to fully exonerate you of the charges you are facing!

DUI Legal Services in Dearborn and Wayne County

When you are charged with DUI, the most important step you can take to protect your rights and your future is to secure legal representation. We offer extensive legal advice and support in the following areas:

Secure Legal Representation Right Away

No matter what details surround your case and regardless of the gravity of your charges, Boulahanis & Associates can provide you with kind and competent legal services you are looking for. Don't make the mistake of waiting too long to secure legal representation! The best defenses are those that are crafted early on.

Are you currently searching for a DUI lawyer for a charge in the Detroit area? Let us put our more than 30 years of legal experience to work for you! What are you waiting for? Contact Boulahanis & Associates today and start fighting for your rights and your future!