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Him and the staff was very helpful available every time I called and was always willing to listen to my concerns and Willing to work with finance, Issues and the outcome of my case I was very satisfied with

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Greg Boulahanis is an excellent attorney. What is often a challenging experience, he guides you through it. He communicates very well and is always available to answer any questions.

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Mr. Boulahanis was very professional and courteous. I was always informed of any and all information that was needed regarding my case and he was never more than Read more
Mr. Boulahanis was very professional and courteous. I was always informed of any and all information that was needed regarding my case and he was never more than a phone call or text away with any question I may have, responding promptly and courteously, really putting me at ease in a time of a very stressful situation for myself. Needless to say I was able to come out the other side of my issue very satisfied with the outcome, and would highly recommend his services to anyone. Thank you again Mr. Boulahanis!



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Investigating Your Case

Many individuals charged with driving under the influence of alcohol do not realize that they may have a legal defense to DUI or Drugged Driving.

The defense needs to be aggressive and thorough to increase your chance of a plea reduction or dismissal. Our complete investigation reveals whether you have a legal defense.

  • In-depth investigation of evidence
  • Review of breath/blood test
  • Review police report
  • Review of in-car and booking room video

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

With a typical drunk driving case, the police officer's investigation will begin with the observation of the driving and will continue until you are arrested. Usually, this occurs when you are handcuffed and placed into the patrol vehicle.

  • HGN: test is only evidence of presence of alcohol, not impairment.
  • Walk and turn (heal to toe) - test involving your ability to follow instructions and maintain balance
  • One leg stand
  • Officer is required to instruct and demonstrate both balance tests
  • In many occasions, officers fail to follow protocol in testing, which can lead to plea reduction or dismissal
DUI Breath Test

Physiology of Alcohol

Made up of a hydroxyl functional group that is bonded to a carbon atom, alcohol is an organic compound that can affect the body in different ways. Ethyl is the form of alcohol that is typically consumed today, and by recognizing how the body metabolizes ethyl, certain assumptions can be made.

The Widemark Formula is based on this principle, that by knowing the weight and gender of a person, the type and amount of alcohol they had, how much food they had in their system during consumption and the period of time over which the alcohol was consumed, an estimate can be made through a mathematical formula about the level of alcohol within their bloodstream.

This test is often highly considered by a judge during a case for drunk driving, but there are faults which can make the findings of it inaccurate. On top of the test not being 100% error-proof, there is the chance that an officer administered a test wrong. There are different defenses which may be used in regards to DUI charges and our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in these matters.