The Real Deal

You will NEVER find a more kind, supportive, yet thoroughly knowledgable, and aggressive [when necessary] attorney than Greg.

You know you have an excellent attorney when you go to court and the other lawyers around you stand up to shake your lawyer's hand!

I went through some very tumultuous family court issues in 2018 and I happy to say that I didn't have to do it alone. When you hire an attorney, there are certain traits that you would look for: knowledgable about the law, easy to contact, willing to help answer any and all questions and mostly, to give sound advice.

I don't trust many people, but I ALWAYS did (and still do) what Greg recommended I do. His "way" never fails to be the best way to handle a situation, and it most cases, it ends up with an even better outcome than expected!

I tend to be a.. let's say... "passionate" person, and he was always able to calm me down and help me to remember the big picture.

It feels like you're "in this" with a family member that genuinely wants the best for you, and in my instance, my children as well. That is invaluable!

Even though my events are past, I know that I can always call him.

He is the most optimistic person that you will ever meet (sometimes annoyingly so when you're sitting there "ugly crying" in his office), and his positive demeanor seems to make everything better.

I would hire Greg again in a heartbeat (although I pray I don't have to)!

Anyone who would like to WIN a case, HANDLE a judgment or have someone willing to FIGHT for your family should hire him too!

– Maria