Greg is the Man for the Job

I got an OWI in Dearborn Heights, it was my first offense. None of it seemed real until I lost my job as a CDL truck driver. My life was changing dramatically. I shopped around talking to many other Lawyers about the situation and to get some insight on what's to come. I have a huge issue trusting people, especially on this type of level as in my career and many other factors are on the line. I contacted Greg Boulahanis and I got a better vibe about him than I did from the others I contacted. I appreciate everything Greg and his team did for me. He kept it real from the beginning and was completely honest and informative all the way through. This is his source of income and he recommended me saving my money for my court fees instead of him just pocketing it for a long shot with potentially the same results. At my sentencing he spoke very highly of me and it didn't seem like he was just there representing me as a client but as a Friend. I told him at the end “ Thank you for your time and hopefully I never see you again but if I do I do”. and he shook my hand and gave me a pat on the back and said you won't. Because he knows I learned my lesson. And even though we're done he said I can still contact him at any time. He truly cares and will do the best he can for you. Don't hesitate, GIVE HIM A CALL. He will be my first and only Attorney. Thanks Greg.

– Daniel D