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Learn the process and find out what to expect. You only have 14 days to challenge your license suspension! Tell us what happened. Fill out our free case evaluation form.
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Facing Charges? Hire Trial Lawyers with 25 Years of Experience!

At Boulahanis & Associates, our legal team knows how to fight back. With over 25 years of experience in defending misdemeanor and felony DUI or OWI charges, we have gained exceptional skill in determining the best strategies for DUI defense.

Five Reasons to Choose Our Firm:

  1. We Have 25+ Years of Experience
  2. We Investigate Every Detail
  3. We Can Fight Breath & Blood Tests
  4. We Keep You Informed
  5. We Offer a FREE Case Evaluation!

Call us now at (313) 372-2066 to speak with a Detroit DUI lawyer who can help!

You may think that there is no hope – never plead guilty until you talk to a Detroit DUI defense lawyer from our firm. There are countless cases that have serious flaws, but can be successfully defended when we get involved early in the process. We are committed to our clients, their future and their freedom, and we know how to fight in court.

Act Now to Protect Your Driver's License

A full evaluation of your case should be undertaken immediately after your arrest. There could be options to get the matter dismissed before you are formally charged. We are not here only to hold your hand while you plead guilty – we will investigate all possible legal defenses through a meticulous review of the evidence. You may be a victim of a rights violation during your initial police stop. The field sobriety tests or breath test may have been administered incorrectly. The unit used to test your breath could be faulty, have a history of faulty readings, or may not have been properly maintained or calibrated.

Don't take chances with your future – call us today. Our firm is proud to provide hard-hitting legal representation for residents of Dearborn and Wayne County. You are innocent until proven guilty and we will do all within our power to fight for your rights and uphold your innocence!

Experience MattersClient TestimonialsAggressive and Strategic Representation

Aggressive Defense from a Detroit DUI Lawyer

We are trial lawyers that are focused on a wide range of DUI cases and have helped countless clients avoid the severe DUI penalties imposed in our state. If you have multiple DUI convictions or are facing a 2nd, 3rd or 4th charge, you are in serious trouble. You need fast and effective defense action, and we are there to assist you every step of the way.

We are dedicated to protecting the rights of young drivers facing charges of minor in possession, and can assist visitors to resolve an out of state DUI. Many of our clients are dealing with a first time DUI and are concerned or even frightened about the future. You do have real reason for worry; the penalties imposed can affect your employment, your freedom, your finances and your ability to legally drive. We urge you to take action and contact our firm before your case progresses any further. In serious felony charges such as leaving the scene or vehicular manslaughter, you want a skilled trial attorney fighting for you.

Defending DUI and OWI Charges in Dearborn & Wayne County

We take DUI defense seriously, and we know how important the outcome will be to you and your family. Our trusted firm is known for their hard work and dedication both in and out of court. We can challenge evidence from breath & blood tests, field sobriety tests, and fight for drivers' license restoration. DUI arrests are usually based upon BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) and other evidence. Fighting back against these charges takes the skill of an experienced trial lawyer, and we offer our services to those facing accusations throughout the Wayne County and Dearborn areas.

Boulahanis & Associates will be there to represent you at your DUI preliminary hearing, are skilled at reducing potential penalties in DUI sentencing, and offer our services in DUI appeals. We are experienced, aggressive, and our years of experience at trial can be of great benefit in either misdemeanor or felony DUI or OWI charges.

Contact us today by calling (888) 372-2066 or by filling out our free case evaluation!

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