A Lawyer's Lawyer

When a lawyer wants the best representation for herself, who does she call? Greg Boulahanis.

As an attorney, I can tell if a fellow attorney is well versed in the law, experienced in his field, competent to address any issue that arises in the case and prepared to such a degree as to discourage opposing counsel. That's why I chose Mr. Boulahanis to represent me and he did not disappoint.

Greg Boulahanis studied my case so thoroughly that he came to know the facts better than I. He presented my case so convincingly that he was able to obtain a favorable resolution that is almost unheard of in this court system. He understands the players in the local justice system and he has the demeanor to negotiate effectively therein. He does not hesitate to advocate in the strongest manner to win the best possible outcome for his clients.

Highly recommend!

– L