Job well done!

I hired Greg via OWI charges. My situation could have been very serious as it had some moving parts. Not being from Michigan, and the stakes involved at first I panicked. I had spoken to a few attorneys before I contacted him. I just did not like what I heard. They all seemed to just want it to end it as quick as possible and either use scare tactics or say everything is fine. When I contacted him he immediately picked up and began consulting me. He let me know the the possibilities but had a good deameanor about himself. There was no pressure on his end for me to hire him. He gave me his credentials said to continue looking and when my mind was made to call him if I wanted. I called him a few days later and he spoke again to me with no pressure. When I made the decision to hire him he insisted no matter what he was going to make this as painless on my end as possible so I can continue with my life. I have a history of alcohol problems and I emailed him to see if Michigan would allow me to go to inpatient treatment for my own well being. His response was not one of a lawyer but a concerned person. He said you need to take care of yourself and I'll handle it. The man kept his word 100 percent. He stayed in contact with my fiance while I was away and recently achieved a result I thought wasn't going to happen. I thank him very much and would recommend him to anyone in need of a good lawyer who knows what they are doing.

– Daniel D