Attorney Profile: Gregory Boulahanis

Gregory Boulahanis graduated cum laude from the University of Michigan in 1979 with his Bachelor’s degree. Following that he graduated from the Detroit College of Law in 1983. After working for a law firm for a five year period, he started his own practice in 1989 in the City of Dearborn. His practice is currently located at 21905 Garrison Street, Dearborn, Michigan. He has more than 25 years of trial experience concentrating on Drunk Driving Defense. His extensive amount of time devoted to this area of law has equipped him to handle the simplest to the most difficult cases with close attention and strong defense.

For over two and a half decades he has been representing people from all walks of life to have voice in a legal system that can be difficult to stand up to. His time in the field has allowed him to see which strategies often prove more successful in protecting his clients from any form of drunk driving accusations. Mr. Boulahanis has represented countless satisfied clients in Wayne, Oakland, Washtenaw and Macomb counties as well as surrounding areas. He is admitted to practice in all trial and appellate courts in the State of Michigan, as well as the Federal District Court in the Eastern District of Michigan. He is highly familiar with these courts and their staff and his familiarity allows him to better prepare and provide for a smoother run for his clients.

Strong and Experienced Defense

As a member of the community himself, he looks to protect locals from the challenging situation of a drunk driving conviction. He recognizes the detrimental outcome of a conviction from the legal penalties that result, to even the social ramifications. As an attorney with a thorough background in the legal world he has witnessed many individuals suffer as a result of retaining inadequate legal representation. He understands the components of a strong case and gets to work immediately building up the defense of those he serves. He looks to guard their freedom, as well as protect them from having a conviction on their criminal record.

Mr. Boulahanis has successfully represented numerous clients at the Michigan Secretary of State in assisting them in keeping their driver’s license. There are many different facets to DUI charges and he is well-versed in the defense process for first time offense, multiple offenses, out of state charges and more. He is an aggressive advocate who fights to protect your rights and is committed to obtaining the best result possible in your case. Once you meet with him, he will explain your case in simple and easy to understand terms and indicate to you what you can expect at every phase of your case. He is a compassionate individual that helps you feel at ease, while still aggressively defending you through all aspects of the case.

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