Act Immediately in Your DUI Case!

One of the most important factors to consider in a charge, is the necessity to take action as soon as possible. The ramifications of a conviction can be extremely detrimental and failing to be proactive can only worsen your situation while increasing your chance for a negative outcome. Many accused people do not realize that there are actually many drunk driving charges that are successfully disputed and they believe that they simply have to deal with the consequences. You can fight it and you should begin as soon as possible!

Start by refraining to talk to officers. They are likely not going to do anything to help you at the time after an arrest, but are simply looking for evidence that can be incriminating to you. They want to get you to say something and give them information they will use to strengthen a case against you. Do not give them anything to work off. Contact an attorney immediately so that they can start defending your rights from the moment you get in touch with them. A charge can move fast and after you are taken into custody you will be brought before a judge soon after. There is little time to prepare and you want as strong a defense as possible.

Challenging a License Suspension

If you refuse to take a chemical test after being stopped for DUI, you will need to request an administrative hearing at the DMV in order to fight for the ability to keep your drivers' license. You must request this hearing within 14 days of your DUI arrest (you may have an extra day to request a hearing if the fourteenth day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday). If you fail to request the hearing within 14 days, your drivers' license will be automatically suspended for one or two years. It is imperative that you act swiftly to request a hearing, and that you contact a Michigan OWI lawyer for legal representation throughout the process. While for some, the loss of a license may not seem like a serious ramification at first when compared to the possibility of jail, it can actually be incredibly debilitating for many. It is not until you lose your right to drive that you recognize just how much you need it.

There are many obligations that you may need to get to and depending on the length of the suspension, you can be left having to look for alternative means of transportation for an extended period. Since there is such a short window during the time you can try to keep your license, you should not take any risks. By not being aware or taking initiative, many people are unaware or forget about the limit that is placed. Their failure to act leaves them dealing with a suspension that they possible could have avoided. There are time limits on many legal aspects and this is true as well in a charge for driving while intoxicated. While it is a stressful time that can be easy to put off and avoid, delaying it is not going to help in any way. An attorney will recognize the different time limits and knows when and where different parts of the process will take place. Time really is of the essence in these situations and you should use this to your advantage.

At your DMV hearing, you will meet with a state representative to dispute the circumstances of your arrest. By presenting an effective argument to the representative, you may be able to reduce the length of your license suspension, or avoid a suspension completely. If the results of your hearing are unsuccessful, you will face a six-month license suspension for a first OWI offense, or a 12-month suspension if you possess prior OWI convictions. You will have a much stronger chance of protecting your license if you consult with a lawyer shortly after your arrest. The more time your lawyer has to review your case, the better your chances will be of securing a successful outcome to your hearing. If you are facing the loss of your driving privileges after being arrested for DUI, contact us as soon as possible. At Boulahanis & Associates, our legal team is highly experienced in addressing the many facets of DUI cases, including administrative hearings with the DMV. We are prepared to offer immediate legal support in your DUI case in an effort to prevent the suspension of your driving privileges.