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At Boulahanis & Associates, we pride ourselves on working hard and finding results for our clients, even when they are faced with some of the most challenging situations. Our intricate knowledge of DUI law and defense options allows us to protect our clients' freedom and in many cases, have their charges reduced or dropped completely. We are experienced negotiators who can seek a solution outside of court, but when that is not enough for our clients to receive a fair outcome, we can provide aggressive litigation. Hear what some of our past clients have to say about us and the results that we were able to recover for them through the testimonials below.

Don't let a DUI conviction set you back. You may be able to effectively fight it and with over 25 years of experience, we can help.


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Nov 13, 2014 | | Dearborn, MI
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Mr. Boulahanis' representation is nothing less than less than stellar. His professionalism, attention to detail, development and application of a defense strategy along with his layman's demeanor towards his client is a perfect recipe for success. Couple that with the fact that he strives to have a personal connection with his clients, makes him the obvious choice in seeking legal representation. When your future depends upon it, why go with anything but first class? I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mr. Boulahanis for any criminal case!

Oct 8, 2014 | | Dearborn, MI
Client's rating: 5 of 5

My mother retained Mr. Boulahanis on my behalf. He was there every step of the way for me. My case was very difficult, but Greg pulled through with my best interest in mind. Greg was able to achieve a very good result and he kept me informed during the entire matter. I would most definitely recommend Greg and his firm!

Aug 27, 2014 | | Dearborn, MI
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I was charged with OWI and stood to have my CDL suspended. I spoke with several other attorneys who were going to do nothing more than accompany me to court. I was referred to Greg and our discussions was about how to fight to keep my CDL. I hired him and I am very glad that I did. Greg gathered all the police documentation and, after reviewing it, discussed with me several plans of action. His experience and attention to detail had the charge dismissed and saved my job! I would highly recommend him for your legal needs.

Jul 9, 2014 | | Detroit, MI
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Greg helped me through the hardest time of my life. He was more like a brother than the normal attorney-client relationship. I recommend him to everyone that needs a lawyer. Life is much better now and Greg helped me get to this point.

Jun 30, 2014 | | Detroit, MI
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Mr. Boulahanis is an excellent attorney. I would use his services and refer him any time. He was most helpful and his advice was spot on. I was most impressed with his ability to maintain the human factor in my case. Greg did a terrific job representing me and making the case go smoothly. His team managed my case with top notch professionalism and detail. I highly recommend Mr. Boulahanis' services.

Apr 24, 2014 | | Detroit, MI
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I was wrongfully charged with a crime I did not commit. My attorney told me to plead guilty and I did. I then called Greg and he filed a motion to set my plea aside. We went to trial and the judge found me not guilty. Greg cared enough to listen to me and fight for my rights. He is now my family attorney. Greg believed in me. I would have never been found not guilty without Greg's skillful representation.

Apr 8, 2014 | | Detroit, MI
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I was referred to Greg by a friend. My Commercial Driver's License was in jeopardy of being suspended and I could have gone to jail. Due to Greg's efforts, my case was completely dismissed. I consider him a friend as well as my attorney. I believe that Greg's attention to detail, knowledge and experience puts him way ahead of the pack!"

Feb 17, 2014 | | Detroit, MI
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I hired Greg after consulting with another attorney. It was immediately apparent to me that Greg was an expert in the field of drunk driving. The jury found me NOT GUILTY and all charges were dismissed. Greg saved my Commercial Driver's License and my job. Greg is simply the best drunk driving attorney there is.

Dec 13, 2013 | | Detroit, MI
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I was charged with a 2nd drunk driving that would have resulted in jail time and a revocation (loss) of my license. I would have lost my job. Greg filed a motion with the court and my case was completely dismissed. I don't believe there is a more qualified drunk driving attorney than Greg.

Nov 2, 2013 | | Detroit, MI
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I was referred to Greg by a friend who was extremely satisfied with his services. I was unfairly charged with drunk driving. I faced jail time and a suspension of my license. He was able to negotiate a non-drinking offense, which resulted in only a small fine. No jail time and no suspension of my license. Greg is a tough, hard-nosed, no-nonsense attorney who is respected by judges and prosecutors alike.