DUI Lawyer in Livonia

Arrested for drunk driving?

A host of professional hockey players as well as actress Judy Greer claim Livonia as a hometown. Full of neighborhoods primarily built in the 1950s and 1960s, this city has a population of almost 97,000 people. Livonia is part of the larger Detroit metropolitan area. Each year, residents of the city celebrate the founding of Livonia with a week-long birthday party called Spree.

There are many activities throughout the year in the city of Livonia. However, those in the area should be cautious about getting behind the wheel after a fun night out drinking. DUI arrests can and do occur across Wayne County. If you are stopped on suspicion of DUI, an officer will likely conduct a field sobriety test. By asking you to follow certain directions as part of the test, police officers can determine your competence to drive. If you fail to perform the field sobriety test in a satisfactory manner, the officer may arrest you for DUI.

How a Livonia DUI Attorney Can Help

Being accused of driving under the influence is a frightening experience. If you have been charged with DUI, you probably have many questions about your future. An attorney can assist with your situation by helping you understand your legal rights. A skilled lawyer can fight to protect these rights in court and can prepare a solid defense on your behalf. By working with a Livonia DUI lawyer, you may even discover that evidence collected through a breath test or field sobriety test is flawed and not admissible in court. Even if you have failed a field sobriety test, retaining the right legal counsel provides hope for your case to have a favorable outcome.

The firm of Boulahanis & Associates has over 25 years of experience in the area of DUI defense. DUI law has many intricacies, and our extensive background in such matters greatly benefits each case we take on. We strongly believe in a personalized approach to defending DUI charges. No two people's circumstances are ever alike, and we demonstrate our commitment to you by tailoring each defense. Customizing our approach takes time that many other attorneys choose not to give their clients. We distinguishes ourselves from other firms by doing whatever it takes to completely and aggressively represent each case. We will stay on top of your case until we have walked through the entire legal process with you.