DUI Attorney in Detroit

Fighting Accusations of Driving Under the Influence

The American automobile industry has its central hub in the metropolitan area of Detroit. The whole Detroit region hosts over four million occupants, making it a key location for commerce and global trade. Because there is so much activity in the Detroit area, you should be especially careful about mixing alcohol with operating a motor vehicle. If you have been drinking and choose to drive, you may very well be pulled over by an officer who will conduct a variety of tests to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). To pass a field sobriety test, you will need to be able to perform a series of actions as instructed by the officer. Failure to pass this test will likely result in you being arrested for DUI.

How can a Detroit DUI lawyer help with my situation?

Facing DUI charges can cause anxiety and uncertainty. You probably have not had any experience with the criminal justice system, and trying to navigate legal matters alone may prove quite difficult. To avoid making mistakes that will cost you greatly in terms of your finances and freedom, choose an experienced Detroit DUI attorney to work with your situation.

An attorney can look at the circumstances surrounding your arrest to determine if any procedures were not followed or if your legal rights were infringed on. Officers sometimes do not follow policies as they are supposed to, and any deviation may be grounds for evidence to be dismissed. A lawyer with background defending DUI and OWI cases will know what details can bolster your defense. Working with top-notch legal counsel will give you the best opportunity for securing a positive case outcome.

At Boulahanis & Associates, we know that dealing with DUI allegations is often scary and confusing. With over 25 years of experience defending DUI cases, our firm is committed to continuing a legacy of high quality, personalized legal representation. You can count on our attorneys to give your case the individualized attention it deserves. Your situation is much more than just another number to us. As soon as we accept your case, we will provide your attorney's cell phone number to make sure you can be in contact at all points of the process. Trust our outstanding DUI lawyers for guidance you can depend on. Contact a lawyer from our firm for proven legal assistance with any of your DUI concerns.