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When you are facing serious DUI charges, you cannot take chances with your future by representing yourself or accepting the consequences. Instead, you must protect your rights by retaining the professional assistance of a Canton DUI lawyer from Boulahanis & Associates as soon as possible.

Reasons you should choose their DUI/OWI firm include:

No matter the evidence that you believe to be stacked against you, do not plead guilty until you have spoken to a DUI attorney from their firm. The sooner you let them get involved with your case, the stronger it will be and the more charges you can contest.

Aggressive and Respected Canton DUI Defense Lawyer

The team at Boulahanis & Associates understands that you are innocent until proven guilty, and they will do all they can to fight for your future and a fair conclusion to your case. Incorrectly calibrated blood or breath tests might have provided inaccurate results. Your rights may have been violated by the police officer’s decision to initially stop you. You may have been drinking but still below the limit and still capable of safely operating your vehicle. Regardless of the details surrounding your arrests, they can find a way to dismantle the prosecution’s claims.

The office has handled countless cases in their 25+ years of experience, including matters dealing with:

Even if you were involved in a car accident that took someone’s life, you do not have to accept responsibility and the severe penalties that go along with it, such as steep fines and lengthy prison time. The Canton DUI defense attorneys at the firm have handled vehicular manslaughter cases that were resolved beneficially for their clients.

Your freedom is on the line – take action today!

No one should feel helpless after being arrested for a DUI and the professionals at Boulahanis & Associates have dedicated their entire firm to ensuring that does not happen. Their team is aggressive, committed, and compassionate, as numerous client testimonials can attest. To empower yourself and find a real chance of solving your experience in a way that does not hurt you or your finances, contact a Canton DUI lawyer from their firm right now!