Can you expunge a DUI charge?

Can you expunge a DUI charge?

Can I have my DUI expunged?

- HS, Michigan


In the state of Michigan, an expungement is not available for DUI charges. This means that any convictions you face for driving under the influence will be on your criminal record permanently. The information of a conviction is public information and if you are found guilty, it can continue to influence your life over the years. It may be found in a background check by potential employers and this could influence their decision on taking you on as an employee.

It may be brought up in a future child custody case if you face one and may even limit your ability to obtain a concealed weapons permit. You can deal with the penalties of a conviction on top of the social ramifications. If you have been charged for a DUI, it is important that you defend against these charges at all costs. Some drivers do not think about the long term effects of the conviction, or they don't believe that they can fight the allegations. DUI charges can be disputed and doing so can prove successful in many cases.

The prosecution will have the responsibility of the burden of proof; showing that you were driving with alcohol in your system and were in violation of the law. You are innocent until proven guilty and the court will need to see sufficient evidence that you committed the crime. With so much at stake you want the representation of a skilled attorney and depending on your situation there are a number of ways that allegations may be contested.

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